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Adriatik hotel is an outstanding 5 star luxury beachfront hotel located just a few steps from the seashore of Adriatic Sea in the ancient city of Durres. It is the leader of albanian tourism. It is an exquisite hotel established since 1957 and totally renovated in spring of 2017. Our goal is to offer the best service to our guests. We are looking to hire professional and experienced staff. We invite you to become part of the ambitious staff of Adriatik hotel.
• We are looking to fill our vacancies as follows:

A) Guest Service Agent
B) Barman / Bartender
C) Waiter / Waitress

A) Guest Service Agent

POSITION TITLE: Guest Service Agent
REPORTS TO : Front Office Manager

Represents the hotel to the guest throughout all stages of the guest's stay. Determinate's a guest's reservation status and identifies how long the guest will stay. Helps guests complete registration cards and then assigns rooms, accommodating special requests whenever possible. Verifies the guest's method of payment and follows established credit-checking procedures. Places guest and room information in the appropriate front desk racks and communicates this information to the appropriate hotel personnel.

1. Register guests and assigns rooms. Accommodates special requests whenever possible.
2. Assists in preregistration and blocking of rooms for reservations.
3. Thoroughly understand and adheres to proper credit, check- cashing, and cash handling policies and procedures.
4. Understands room status and room status tracking.
5. Knows room locations, types of rooms available, and room rates.
6. Must be sales-minded. Presents options and alternatives to guests and offers assistance in making choices.
7. Knows the location and types of available rooms as well as the activities and services of the property.
8. Coordinates room status updates with the housekeeping department by notification housekeeping of all check outs, late checkouts, early chek-ins, special requests, and day use rooms.
9. Possesses a working knowledge of the reservations department. Takes same day reservations and future reservations when necessary. Knows cancellation procedures.
10. Maintains guest room key storage, and maintains and supervises access to safe deposit boxes.
11. Knows how to use front office equipment.
12. Process guest check-outs.
13. Performing cashier related functions like posting charges to guest accounts, raising paid out's, currency exchange,
14. Follows procedures for issuing and closing safe deposit boxes used by guests.
15. Works closely with the housekeeping department in the keeping room status reports up to date and coordinates requests for maintenance and repair work.
16. Uses proper telephone etiquette.
17. Performs cashiering tasks like bill / invoice settlement, posting charges to the guest, paid out's , Foreign currency exchange etc.
18. Uses proper mail, package, and message handling procedures.
19. Reads and initials the pass-on log and bulletin board daily. Is aware of daily activities and meetings taking place in the hotel.
20. Attends department meetings.
21. Reports any unusual occurrences or requests to the manager or assistant manager.
22. Knows all safety and emergency procedures, Is aware of accident prevention policies.
23. Maintains the cleanliness and neatness of the front desk area.
24. Understand that business demands sometimes make it necessary to move employees from their accustomed shift to other shifts.

Education: High school graduate or equivalent. English language. Another language is an advantage.
Experience: Previous hotel-related experience desired.

POSITION TITLE: Barman / Bartender
REPORTS TO: Restaurant Manager / F&B Manager
Bartenders will be responsible to prepare and serve drinks to customers. able to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance with customers’ needs and expectations. The purpose of this position is to interact with the hotel guests and ensure they have a great experience at the BAR or lounge.

• Interact with customers, take orders for drinks and snacks.
• Plan and present bar menu.
• Serve snacks and drinks to the customer.
• Check identification of the guest to make sure they meet age requirements for purchase of alcohol and tobacco products.
• Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails and other drinks.
• Mix drinks, cocktails and other bar beverages as ordered and in compliance with hotel standard drink recipes.
• Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages.
• Service Wine and Beer to guests.
• Arrange bottles and glasses to make attractive displays.
• Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations
• Provide recommendations and suggestions to guest for choosing Drinks and Snacks.
• Serve customers in a friendly and helpful manner.
• Keep the bar counter and work area neat and clean at all times.
• Provide guidance to guests on resort activities, dining options and general resort and Regional information.
• Determine when a customer has had too much alcohol and if required refusing any further serving on a polite way.
• Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of food and beverage products, menus and Promotions
• Clean up after customers and clean work area.
• Clear ashtrays as and when required.
• Wash glassware and utensils after each use.
• Maintain a clean working area by sweeping, vacuuming, dusting, cleaning of glass doors and windows, etc. if required.
• Maintain liquor inventory and consumption.
• Collect payment for drinks served and balance all receipts.
• Handle an assigned house bank and follow all cash handling procedures as per hotel standard.
• Prepare inventory or purchase requisitions as needed to replenish supplies.
• Ensure that the assigned bar area is fully equipped with tools and products needed for Mixing beverages and serving guests.
• Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience
• Comply with all food and beverage regulations
• Perform Other duties as and when assigned by the hotel management.
Must be able to communicate in English writing and speaking and other languages are advantages. Good personality and Positive interpersonal skills required.
Graduates bachelor degree and/or diploma in hotel or other related field. Computer Knowledge and experience in MS office programs.
Previous bartending experience required in Luxury property. Experience in handling Point of sale (POS) terminals.

C) Waiter / Waitress
Position Title: Waiter / Waitress
Reports To: Bar Manager
Position Summary: As a waiter / waitress you will ensure that all guests are served to the company standard in the Bar/ Restaurant or Lounge areas. Ensure that the highest standards of hospitality and welcome are demonstrated at all times within all food and beverage areas. Additionally you will serve and explain drinks, cocktails and coffees to guests including ingredients and discussing any allergy information. Take and deliver accurate drink orders to guest as per the hotel standards. Bar Waiter / Waitress Duties and Responsibilities:
• Welcome and acknowledge all guests according to company standards in a timely, friendly and efficient manner.
• Speak with others using clear and professional language,
• Taking beverage/restaurant orders and serving them to guests on a timely manner.
• Check guests for proper identification and serve alcoholic beverages to guests in accordance with, state, local and company laws and regulations.
• Always respond to guest requests in a timely, friendly and efficient manner.
• Mix and garnish beverages according to recipe and portion control standards.
• Should be fully aware of the bar/restaurant and lounge menu along with their prices
• Good knowledge of wine selection, wine service and Beer service.
• Take guest beverage or food orders and input them to the point-of-sale system.
• Ensuring that the bar and lounge stations are fully stocked, clean and tidy at all times.
• Establish rapport with guests to build loyal and satisfied customers.
• Ensure knowledge of menu and restaurant promotions and any special offers.
• Pick-up food orders from kitchen and communicate to the chef regarding any special preferences or allergy.
• Replenish beverages and ensure guest satisfaction throughout the meal service.
• Ensure serving station is well-stocked at all times.
• Should know basic cashiering procedures like handling money, processing credit and debit cards, making change and processing gift certificates, cards and vouchers.
• Be responsible for billing/credit card/payment and collecting feedback from the guest.
• Clear tables and prepare for service by polishing cutlery, glassware and crockery etc.
• Complete closing duties, including storing all reusable goods, breaking down goods, cleaning all equipment and areas.
• Return all equipment to proper locations, locking refrigerators, restocking items, turning off lights, locking doors and completing bar closing checklist.
• Stock and maintain the bar with all the required supplies and inventory (eg: beer, wine, spirits, paper products, straws, stirrers, condiments, glassware, ice cubes etc.)
• Always take responsibility for ensuring a positive guest experience.
• Take ownership of guest request and follow up guests incidences.
• Attend daily briefings from management who will explain any special requirements for service.
• To ensure a very good relationship between the Bar, other F&B outlet, Kitchen, housekeeping & Front of the House.
• Assist in carrying out scheduled inventories of products and operating equipment.
• Perform any other assigned reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned or as requested by Supervisors or manager.
Have sound knowledge of spirits, beers, wine, cocktails and coffee, menu items. Should have excellent communication skills. Flexibility to work longer hours as per business demand. Be courteous, professional and provide efficient service.
1 to 2 years experience as a Waiter/Waitress in a full service hotel preferred.

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